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"I found Ros to have an enormous amount of creativity and thoughtfulness about her work. She has a very strong work ethic and ensured that she was as engaging and artistic as possible. The quality of her work showed an extraordinary level of attention to detail"

Jude Jagger
Producer - Ministry of Lost and Found

"I was impressed by Rosalyne's  preparation and delivery and, in particular, her choice of culturally specific content to support young people's engagement in their heritage"

Dr Julie Mullaney
Cultural and Education Officer


Primary School Headteacher

"Rosalyne's work represented our students in a positive way on stage. More shows like this please- great length and also interesting cultural content that was linked to our city."

"Rosalyne's creative work was truly inspiring and even better than expected. We were educated, moved, challenged and thoroughly engaged!"

Chorlton High School

Rosalyne interacts with the children in such a warm and dynamic way.

Leanne Jones

Executive Director

20 Stories High 

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