Aleiah’s Adventure

The play ‘Aleiah’s Adventure’ is a participatory children’s play written by Rosalyne Norford. The story follows Aleiah, a young girl who becomes lost after leaving her family to prove her independence. The character Aleiah represents the diverse world we live in today, she is Black Caribbean descent and Deaf, her intersectional identity and the challenges that come with this are explored through a relatable coming-of-age story. Aleiah discovers the stories of three women from Black British History some of whom came to Manchester during the Windrush period ‘Aleiah’s Adventure’ touches on themes such as family values and the importance of role models and coming-of-age. The play features integrated accessibility within the performance with British Sign Language and Visual Movement used throughout the piece in a physical performance. The play will also be accompanied by an online pack of activities for families and young people who cannot reach the live production.

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